Perpetual Archive | A Performance by Ana Lessing Menjibar

MA Solo/Dance/Authorship Graduation Works 2019

“Flamenco is tragic in the sense of Greek tragedy, this remarkable synthesis of Apollonian artistic beauty and Dionysian drunkenness.“ Claus,1985

Between an ecstatic and formal investigation, Ana Lessing Menjibar experiments with a cultural legacy gathered from her flamenco background. She opens this archive to reveal a series of states, creatures and concepts of spaces. This journey includes a digital and energetic feedback loop, a vulnerable dialogue of inner and outer bodily sounds and rhythms. In a hybrid space somewhere between installation and the black box theatre, Lessing Menjibar’s research decomposes flamenco to transform it within the field of performance art.

Dates: 18.12 + 19.12.2019

Times: 19 h

Place: Studio 14  / Uferstudios Berlin /  Uferstraße 23 or Badstr. 41a, 13357 Berlin

Performance with and by Ana Lessing Menjibar in collaboration with Philipp Kullen (Sound), Vera Fenyvesi Köppern (Dramaturgy) and Eric Winkler (Costume).

With the special support of Jeremy Wade (Mentor), Sandra Umathum (Mentor) and Sophia New (Tutor).

With a special thanks to Monica Bonvicini (Mentor).

A HZT Berlin Production | Artistic Director: Nik Haffner | Administration Manager: Sabine Trautwein | Team MA Solo/Dance/Authorship: Prof. Rhys Martin, Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth, Sophia New | Production Manager: Juan Gabriel Harcha | Advisor Production Design: Stephan Kostropetsch | Light Advisor: Margie Medlin | Technical Director: Max Stelzl | Sound: Nikola Pieper | Stage: Fabian Bleisch, Jan Römer, Stephan Müller, Kiana Rezvani, Kike García | Communication: Judith Brückmann, Mamady Wegat | Foto Documentation: Marion Borriss | Office: Elsa Goulko

Foto: Julia Grossi

Ticketinfos: Free Admission (box office 1h prior)